Persian Rug Repair


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Orange County Rug Cleaners & Repair has highly skilled technicians specializing in Persian rug repair. Our rug repair service is know throughout the western part of the United States. We repair all types of Persian and Oriental area rugs and carpet made from different types of materials such as wool, silk and cotton. Modern and antique Persian area rugs and carpet are very valuable and we repair and restore your Persian area rug to preserve its value for many years to come. With Persia not producing as many area rugs and carpet pieces as they once were, repairing them is becoming much more common than purchasing a new one.

We love Persian rugs and carpets, we are in the rug repair business because of our passion to help our customers maintain the artistic value in the Persian rugs. We can repair anything for Persian rugs and carpets such as fringe repair, cord repair, holes, tears, specialty spots and stains, stretching, rug alignment and much much more. Your rug is an investment and we can help you preserve your rug for years to come.



I have a Persian rug that was given to me by my father, It was given to him by his father. I wanted to keep it in the best shape I possibly could and maybe someday pass it over to my son. I took it to Orange County Rug Cleaners and I knew immediately they knew what they doing, they told me where my rug was made, and approx time period it was made. Quite Interesting. I had them wash the rug, and there were a few minor repairs that needed to be done, but now it looks like a brand new Persian rug!

– James R
Huntington Beach, Ca.